In the surveillance capitalism society, AI that is seamlessly integrated into the social system, gains an “eye” as another person. We humans receive evaluations of others through the high-speed Internet in no time, and instantly transform ourselves.

Even the physical body cannot guarantee the identity for seconds. 

This bi-complementary relationship of “see / be seen” is one of the factors that accelerated the fashion after the emergence of the “Mode”, and it is inseparable for us today. 

We A++ speculates and practices of the relationship between self-identity and body through a scope of fashion in the post-Internet age. 


Makoto Amano

Technical Lead

Pursuing UI/UX design using geometrical and algorithmic methods and practicing Human Augmentation in the arts domain at M.A. program in Department of Media Creation in IAMAS, Japan.

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Hanako Hirata

Design Lead

Hanako Hirata is currently enrolled as a third-year student at Keio University, and studies fashion design and design theory. Her research focus is on fashioned-body in the post-internet age, through a scope of both biomaterial research and digital expression. 

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Ryosuke Nakajima


With a degree of M.A. x-Design program in Media and Governance in Keio University, Japan, Ryosuke speculates and practices on the subject of ontological turn in Artificial Intelligence while co-creating with AI.

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Yuka Sai

Design / Movie

Currently spending her senior year at Keio university, Japan. Through her mixed-media pieces, Yuka seeks an alternative context of fashion.

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With the development of AI technology, AI surveillance society has arrived. Excessive surveillance threatens the privacy of people living in modern times. In this project, we adversarially trained an AI model to generate specific patterns inducing AI to misrecognize, then created a camouflage garment using the pattern. We seek an alternative camouflage for the 21st century and aim to reconsider the relationship between the latest technology and our well-beings (in the AI surveillance society.)