With the advent of an AI-based surveillance society, we humans are digitizing all everyday behavior. They are identified as race, gender, age, and human, and their information is exploited for efficiency. For this reason, we propose "21st century camouflage clothing" that is not labeled "human" from the eyes of AI. Thinking about camouflage in modern times, we made camouflage clothing as a jacket that sampled the history of military.



Creative Director: Nao Tokui

Creative Director: Naoki Tanaka


Technical Direction: Makoto Amano

Design Direction: Hanako Hirata

Engineering / Machine Learning: Ryosuke Nakajima

Design Assistant: Yuka Sai

Technical Support: Yusuke Yamada

Garment Design: Shun Matsunaga


Model: Kayou Shin

Cinematography: Kei Gochi


Planner: Risako Kawashima

Exhibition Producer: Ryo Miura

Producer: Masafumi Fujioka

Producer: Ryotaro Omori

Production Manager: Kohei Suzuki

Film Director: Shuto Hashiura

Cinematographer: Yudai Maruyama

Music: Reo Anzai

Stylist: Kumiko Sannomaru

Fashion Director: Takuya Chiba

Special Thanks

3D scan model: Kaya Ryu

Printing facility: andmade

3D scan facility: 株式会社映像伝播社